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    Mark Twain said that the Coyote "is so spiritless and cowardly that even when his exposed teeth are pretending a threat the rest of his face is apologizing for it.".
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Our Mission

The goal of the Southeastern Michigan Coyote Research Project (SEMCRP) is to promote the understanding of coyotes in southeastern Michigan by providing sound scientific information on coyotes to wildlife managers, policy makers, and the general public to develop efficacious and rational management strategies that stress human-coyote coexistence (or at least tolerance) rather than coyote control and indiscriminant lethal removal.

Data collected from field research on the distribution, diet and foraging behavior, movement patterns, and habitat use of coyotes will be disseminated through scientific journal articles, presentations at local, state, and national conferences, the local  media, presentations to schools and other organizations as well as individual educational opportunities.  

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Study Results

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  • Preliminary Survey Feeding Habits SE MI +

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