Sunday, June 24, 2018
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  • The Coyote ....

    Mark Twain said that the Coyote "is so spiritless and cowardly that even when his exposed teeth are pretending a threat the rest of his face is apologizing for it.".
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Meet Mike Huntzinger

Mike is a wildlife & outdoor enthusiast with many years of experience in outdoor activities.  He joined SEMCRP in 2011.  Assignments for the project include live trapping of coyotes & small mammals, location of radio collared coyotes, search & documentation of coyote sign within the study areas and coyote scat analysis.

Study Results

  • Distribution and Habitat use in Detroit +

    Background, Objective, Results and Conclusions Read More
  • Preliminary Survey Feeding Habits SE MI +

    Background, Methods, Feeding Habits and Conclusion Read More
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